Sites that posers have recommended (last updated Aug. 20, 2014)------ 

Some GREAT charts in here:

Somebody that no longer posts pointed Aliska to The candles help.

LiveFreeOrDie2001 says he learned A LOT on this free site:

Mutual funds:
Top-Performing Mutual Funds by Category-Kiplinger
Best Mutual Funds | US News Best Funds
Most Popular Funds (you can look at their Holdings).
this one?


Treasury Basics..

All things forex from different sources. Lots of forums for traders


hot stuff here Rush Limbaugh quotes them sometimes: 


Oil and Gas Industry


Gold, Out of the Box Thinking etc...

Websites w/ forums some freepers like:

Jack Bogles (from Vanguard) site - - (main page) - The Boglehead’s Forum. They have some extremely knowledgeable people who can answer all sorts of questions about finances and investing. (note: anyone talking politics or religion (even proposed legislation) (may be banned).  Site owner is an economist and predicted our current financial problems back in 1999  Metals focused site with analysis  Another metals analysis site for alternative viewpoints

Precious Metals

The Markets....

Please ping me if you find a busted link --tx...